The Grasslands Alliance

PREVIOUS PROJECT of our founder: Chefs, consumers, and retailers increasingly want to know if our beef came from well-managed ranches and farms. Meanwhile, ranchers and farmers want more information on how to produce more “sustainable” beef, and how to prove that they have done so. Yet there has been no way to recognize such beef in the marketplace and no standard that covers the diverse concerns of buyers who want to support “sustainable” rangeland and pasture management. Until now.


The Grasslands Alliance developed the first certification standard for beef cattle and bison ranching and farming in North America that is comprehensive, supporting all three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet, and Prosperity. The standard guides continuous improvement on ranches and farms. Certification recognizes grazing operations that protect our environment and public health; maintain high animal welfare; and treat ranchers, farmers, and workers fairly.


The Grasslands Alliance is a NGO-managed nonprofit, multi-stakeholder initiative rooted in collaboration. We develop partnerships with producers, commercial buyers, conservationists, and advocacy organizations. We are linking ranchers and farmers who are using exemplary stewardship practices with the retailers, chefs and consumers who want to purchase more sustainable beef.

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