Winning With Nature

Winning With Nature (a podcast coming in 2021) features interviews with conservation leaders, business executives, regenerative ranchers and farmers, and government officials who inspire listeners with real life (and often surprising) stories of the valuable benefits that maintaining a healthy environment and stable climate generate for ecosystems, people, businesses, and the communities we live in. Each episode aims to reframe the way people view the importance of a healthy environment from “extrinsic” (i.e., not beneficial or relevant to me, costly, burdensome) to “intrinsic” (beneficial to me, my family, my business, my community, and to our economy, public health, national security and quality of life).

Vision: Winning With Nature envisions a world in which our transition to sustainability has tipped to living, business, and production practices that conserve biodiversity, reverse climate change, strengthen our economy and national security, and enrich our quality of life. This transition is facilitated by a portfolio of incentives that reward responsible stewardship, enable the conservation and restoration of our natural heritage, and sustain vibrant and just communities.